St. James ACYO

St. James Armenian Apostolic Church of Los Angeles


Meet the Board

Lena is a freshman at Santa Monica Collage. She hopes to pursue art and music in her future. She has been a teachers' assistance since she graduated from Sunday School, Lena has assisted the Armenian Language classes and teaches religion for PreK students. She really enjoys teaching the students because she learns from teaching the students but also learns from them. Lena is really looking forward to this coming year in ACYO.

I am excited to be the Vice Chairman of St. James ACYO this year. I am 20 years old and I have been in ACYO for a few years now. I attend El Camino College and I plan on becoming an accountant. I look forward to this coming year in ACYO.

​My name is Anahid Der-Aprahamian and this year I will be serving on the St. James ACYO executive board as treasurer.

Recently, I graduated from UCLA with a B.A. and am currently in the process of applying to graduate school for psychology. I am the oldest of 3 siblings. My brothers and I joined ACYO in 2010 when we were invited to join our chapter's girls volleyball and boys basketball teams. When we first joined ACYO I wasn't a very active member and I did not attend meetings very often. However, in 2015 I began attending meetings again and was nominated for the position of recording secretary. In 2016 I was re-elected for the position. I am glad I re-discovered ACYO in 2015 because it has provided me with countless opportunities to meet new people and make new friends, to be a part of the Armenian/Christian community, and to grow as an individual.

Thank you St. James ACYO for giving me yet another opportunity to serve on your executive board. I'm excited to see what this year has in store for our ACYO!!
I'm 16 years old, and  I'm the new ACYO Secretary. This is my first year on board and I'm excited to help keep our ACYO thriving!

I am the newly elected Historian on the ACYO board. I have been a part of the St. James community for the past 4 years and a member of the ACYO for 2 years now. I am happy to say that this is my first year as a teacher at the St. James Sunday School. I look forward to serving as Historian and working with my fellow ACYO members.