How would you like to have the memory of a Loved One permanently recognized at St. James Church?

You can by simply completing a brief application (on our web site or at church), submitting it to the church office and making a contribution of $1,000 per name.  The name of your Loved One will be engraved on the granite monument erected on the church patio and every year his/her name will be read during a  special Requiem Service held exclusively for this purpose. The St. James Memorial Fund was established in 1979 in compliance with the Tax Exempt Laws of U.S. The trustees of this fund make annual disbursements from the prudent investment of funds contributed by the Faithful in memory of Loved Ones.  They present an annual report at the Parish Assembly noting contributions made for the expansion and establishment of other Church facilities in the Diocese, the Diocese Camp facility, educational institutions, Charitable organizations in the United States and in Armenia and for the expansion, repair and upkeep of St. James Church of Los Angeles. We invited you to participate in this program and guarantee the memory of your loved ones will continue at St. James. ​The Board of Trustees are: Robert Barsam, Chair Lily Balian, Secretary Assadour Kizirian,Treasurer.

Memorial Funds News

The Memorial Fund was established on January 27, 1980 by the St. James Parish Assembly for the purpose of managing and investing the reserve funds of the Parish.Over the years, the Fund, with the approval of the Parish Assembly, has given to the parish needs, to various charities, to the Diocese and to church related educational endeavors in amounts that exceed $1,100,000, since its inception and continues to do so.The Memorial Fund Board works closely with the Parish Council to provide funds for major maintenance projects, for any budgetary shortfalls that may take place during reduced income generating periods, for scholarships to the students of the St James Church School, or for Charitable donations approved by the Parish Council or the Parish Assembly. Recently, the Fund made available to the Parish Council the needed funds to finance the installation of solar panels which will provide for the electrical energy needs of the entire complex and save the parish in excess of $30,000 annually. The members of the current Memorial Fund Board include; Robert Barsam as chair, Lily Balian as Secretary, Assadour Kizirian as Treasurer together with the following advisors; Ron Nazeley, Patty Samarge, Peter Abajian, Harold Rakoobian, Richard Terzian, Barouyr Kizirian, and Patrick Goshtigian.  Fr. Haroutioun Tachejian is an Ex-officio member of the Trust Fund.The Board also maintains the monument in front of the sanctuary, upon which is inscribed names of deceased individuals. Once a year, during our annual name day celebration, the names of the deceased are submitted to the celebrant of the Divine Liturgy, to be read during the Requiem Service on behalf of the respective families.For investment and management of the Trust Fund, the Board, since late 2007, has engaged the services of UBS Financial Institution of Beverly Hills. The Board periodically interacts with the manager of the Fund in order to maximize the growth of our funds. 

Memorial Funds

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