Religion Teacher

Grew up in St. James and is an Assistant Principal for Torrance Unified School District. She is pleased to have this opportunity to be involved in her church and work with the youth. This year she joined the Christian Education Council’s (CEC) board at the Diocese to help enhance our Sunday school program. 


​Religion Teacher

A counselor at an

elementary school and

professor at LMU,

Maral's parents,
Khatchik and Sossy

Akatcherian, were dedicated

members of St. James Armenian Church.  As a young child, they encouraged her to grow up attending Sunday school, as well as become a part of the ACYO at St.James.  Teaching Sunday school helps her give back to the community that helped shape her core values and faith.  It also provides the opportunity to pass on, to our wonderful Sunday school children, the beautiful traditions of the Armenian Apostolic Church. ​



Armenian Language


Grew up in St. James and is currently working in a law firm.  She has been teaching Sunday school for as long as she can remember.  This school is like “family” to her.  


​Religion Teacher

Lena is a freshman at Santa Monica Collage. She hopes to pursue art and music in her future. She has been a teachers' assistance since she graduated from Sunday School, Lena has assisted the Armenian Language classes and teaches religion for PreK students. She really enjoys teaching the students because she learns from teaching the students but also learns from them.

Religion Teacher

After completing Sunday

school as a student,

Peter remains active in

St. James church.
He is proud to be serving as a Sunday school teacher and looks forward to sharing an exciting lesson with his students each week.  Peter is the current Chair of the St. James ACYO, attends Hye Camp each summer, and has participated in the Paros Foundation¹s Service Armenia group.  Along with visiting Armenia several times, he most recently took a pilgrimage with his family to Jerusalem and enjoyed seeing the sites throughout the Holy Land.  Peter attends Palos Verdes High School.​

Susan Samarge-Powell

Religion Teacher 

A lifelong member of

St. James Armenian

Church, Susan has been

attending Sunday school

for as long as she can


Her mom, Patty Samarge,

has always been actively involved in Sunday school, and has served as a role model to many who have followed in her footsteps. Susan is pleased to be bringing her own 2 children to St. James Sunday school and is a valued member of our teaching staff.  Susan has been a public school administrator for many years and we are grateful to her for sharing her expertise in education and love of her Armenian culture.​


​Religion Teacher 

Has been teaching Sunday school for 14 years.  He loves helping the children develop a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Mark tries to make the classroom a place to learn and also have some fun, too.  Mark created the first Armenian church band, “The Hye Notes,” and he and his wife, Janis, have raised 2 wonderful sons who continue to be actively involved in church activities.



Religion Teacher 

A mother of 2 sons, Janis has been teaching Sunday school for 16 years.   She loves finding games and activities to make class fun and her favorite part of teaching is when the students are laughing and learning.


St. James Armenian Apostolic Church of Los Angeles