Looking Forward News

Looking Forward is looking very good for 2015. We are pleased with the response for our second year and are very appreciative of 2014 donors who have renewed their pledge and are anxious for others to join in the program.  This is an annual pledge fundraising appeal established in 2014 to help our church continue to serve its community and to develop a diverse and vibrant Parish.  Look for the billboard in the Church Narthex for this year's supporters.

We know that you may not be able to attend St. James church every week and make a donation so this pledge system is for you! These monies are only used for operational expenses (salaries, gas, water, telephone, etc) to keep YOUR church open and active ready for you and your family and to reinvigorate the St. James Armenian Church community.

Are you ready to make your pledge today? Pledges may be fulfilled with an annual payment, monthly payment, or weekly at Church during plate collection even online by visiting https://stjamesla.net or contact the Church office at 323-295-4588 for more information or a form or pledge envelopes.

Submitted By: Patty Samarge - Fundraising Committee Chair
                          Peter Abajian - Looking Forward Chair

Looking Forward is comprised of a group of our parishioners, members and friends who understand the financial demands of our Church and want to ensure its success and prosperity well into the future.  St. James’ monthly operational expenses average $31,000 and our average income is $25,000 leaving us with a monthly short fall of $6,000.  The Parish Council continues to look at ways to reduce our monthly expenses, but we cannot reduce our expenses through taking actions that would hinder our future.

Funds raised through Looking Forward will be used for monthly operational expenses and efforts to help reinvigorate the St. James Armenian Church community.  We plan to continue to develop a diverse and vibrant Parish. ​We want to stress several important things of note about St. James Armenian Church: Memorial Fund—Our church elders had the incredible vision and drive to create the St. James Memorial Fund to see to the Parish’s needs.  Over the years, this fund has helped meet the repair needs of our church complex, has assisted the Parish Council with operating fund deficits and has supported numerous charitable causes in the name of St. James Armenian Church.  This fund, is not designed for, nor intended to meet month-to-month expenditures needed to run our church. Church Membership and Attendance—Our church, as most churches, has seen a decrease in membership and attendance as families move away and the pace of our lives in this modern era increases.  We understand this and work to welcome everyone to our parish even if it is only once a year. 

Our Parish has changed dramatically over the years and we feel as if we have plenty of wonderful opportunities for everyone here and want to ensure that our image as a welcoming and vibrant parish continues well into the future. Sunday School and the Youth—Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our Sunday school board, staff, volunteers and parents, our Sunday School has grown and is growing annually.  If you are fortunate enough to attend church on any given Sunday, the sight and sounds of the more than 50 registered children gives us all hope for the future.  Likewise, our ACYO youth group is both active and thriving. 

St. James Armenian Church is home to these children and we must build upon our past successes and hand over a thriving and vibrant parish to our children. Participants in the Looking Forward annual appeal will be asked to commit to a monthly contribution.  Any amount will help us reach our goal and everyone is invited to participate.  Supporters of this initiative will be recognized as follows based on their level of support:. Every Looking Forward “Supporter” $1-$999 will be recognized on an updatable sign in theChurch Nartex, on the newly redesigned St. James website and in the Oshagan annually. 

​​ In addition - Looking Forward “Contributor” pledging a total of $1,000 or more per year will be invited to a special Looking Forward Luncheon each year. Looking Forward “Builder” pledging a total of $2,500 or more per year will additionally receive special recognition at our Annual St. James Name Day Celebration including four complimentary tickets. Looking Forward “Visionary” pledging a total of $5,000 or more per year will receive a home visitation and blessing for your family by our Parish Priest. Please take a moment and complete the enclosed Looking Forward pledge form in the brochure and make the commitment from your family today. 

Pledges may be fulfilled with an annual payment, monthly payment, automatic credit card payment, weekly at Church during plate collection and even online by visiting www. https://stjamesla.net ​For more information please feel free to contact the Church office at (323) 295-4588.  Thank you, in advance, for Looking Forward and helping secure our St. James parish’s future. Sincerely, Patty Samarge ​Fundraising Committee Chair ​ Peter Abajian Looking Forward Chair


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