Ladies Society Members

Arpi Society, Chair
Asdghig Chooljian, Vice Chair
Gladys Saroyan, Rec. Secretary
Shirley Moore, Corr. Secretary ​
Elizabeth Balian, Treasurer

Ladies Society News

Srpazan Hovnan Derderian and Father Haroutioun have constantly stressed to us and assured us that we each have our own unique gifts and talents. How true they are!

I am always grateful and amazed how gifted and talented our ladies are, and how eagerly they apply them to the benefit of our chapter and our church.  From cooking special salads, to performing CPR, to learning amazing facts about our Armenian heritage, our monthly gatherings have been rich with information and tips by none other than our own members. One of our ladies has even written a personal memoir that spans many decades and many countries, and will be sharing it with us at our upcoming September 8 meeting.

Above all, we each remain "hostess with the mostest" especially at our first ever St. James Church Festival, which will take place on August 23, 2015.  We will help in the kitchen and serve the food with the same aplomb and efficiency which is our trademark and with which we participated in our previous St. James picnics!  Our annual country store luncheon of October 10th, 2015, is already fully planned, including the exciting program of a fashion show and a delicious lunch menu, as well as all the home - made goodies we are famous for.

This year has been bittersweet for us Armenians in that we painfully remembered the cruelty in which our people were subjected to under the tyranny of the Ottoman Turks.  It has also been a wonderful reminder and absolute proof that we are still here, a hundred years later, as strong and as resilient as many other cultures, if not actually even more so.

Have a Blessed Summer,

Sylvia Salmastlian

Ladies Society

St. James Armenian Apostolic Church of Los Angeles