St. James Armenian Apostolic Church of Los Angeles


St. James “Hye Notes” Youth Orchestra The Hye Notes were started by Mark Seraydarian in 2010 with three Middle School band students from the St. James Sunday School, and have now grown to five musicians from grades 6 to 9. Playing mostly arrangements of sharagans from the Badarak, the Hye Notes have delighted audiences at numerous Sunday School Hantes’, St. James Name Day, and also for Christmas Services at the Western Diocese in Burbank!

Hye Notes

Our Mission Statement

The Mission of our Parish Sunday School / Faith Formation Process is to bring children closer to God through a nurturing life of prayer, reflection on the Bible, and knowledge of the Armenian Orthodox Traditions, in order to become active life-long members of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

Welcome you to our website and thank you for taking the time and effort to find us.  We hope our website will help you to find information regarding our church, organizations and activities ready for you and your family.

Mark Seraydarian

​"Hye Notes"